Welcome Guide

Congratulations on your new necklace, and welcome to the Ark & Armor family! Know that we're praying for you and your intentions every single day.

Read through the guide below to get the most out of your new necklace.


First things first, we strongly recommend that you get your necklace blessed by a Catholic priest as soon as possible.

Why? When a priest blesses a necklace, he presents it to God "so that (by the power of the Holy Spirit and the invocation of the name of Jesus), [it] would be set apart for God’s purposes."1

Without a blessing, your necklace will simply be a necklace. But with a blessing, your necklace will be an object consecrated to God—a powerful piece of spiritual armor in the battle against the world, the flesh, and the devil.

To get your necklace blessed, simply ask your local Catholic parish priest after Mass (the blessing only takes a minute or two). Alternatively, you can reach out to your local Catholic church office to make an appointment with a priest for the blessing.

1. Father Mike Schmidtz


Our necklaces were made to help you grow closer to the Lord—which is why we've hand-selected a prayer to go with your necklace.

To find the prayer, simply select your necklace below and click the "Prayer" tab below the product description.


Your necklace is covered by our Unbreakable Lifetime Warranty (learn more here).

If you received the necklace as a gift, be sure to let us know by filling out the form below—just include your name along with the name of the person who gave you the gift.

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Care Instructions

To clean your necklace, wash it in warm soapy water (or just wear it in the shower).

Ark & Armor pieces were designed to look rugged, so don't worry if you notice your necklace antiquing slightly over the years.

Make no mistake, our necklaces are waterproof, sweatproof, tarnish resistant, and built to last a lifetime.

Still, all metal can naturally tarnish when exposed to common everyday items that contain sulfur, such as leather, rubber, chlorine, cleaning products, saltwater, and even air pollution.

We think our necklaces look best with some character, but if you decide you want to keep your piece looking bright and new, simply polish it with a silver polishing cloth.

Wrapping Up

Thanks again for supporting our small Catholic business! We hope your new necklace serves as an unceasing reminder to keep the love of Christ burning brightly in your heart.

If any questions come up, we're just an email away—you can reach us at support@arkandarmor.com.